Barbara Barry

As an artist, I believe what is unseen by the eye is as important as what is seen.

It appears each object, human or otherwise, has its own energy life force which can be captured by the vision and imagination of the artist. My work empresses my own inner restless energy, curiosity, humor and a desire to capture the mystery of that vision thorough the use of light, dark, motion strokes, and a range of colors offered to the artist.

Whether it be a realistic interpretation or abstract, my subjects intrigue me by telling their story making me part creator, part voyeur. That dual role gives me the freedom to simultaneously create new forms through observation and imaginative interpretation.

As artist I feel that I can travel the world, discover hidden scenarios, bring them forward, and capture them on canvas without ever leaving my studio. I invite the viewer to journey with me so we can enhance our lives and vision through the exceptional world of art and creativity.