Aubrey Manson

Born 1987 Chicago, IL

I’m shaped by haunted spaces and winter hibernation. I have an affiliation towards playfulness, dark humor and romantic daydreaming. My influences are philosophical and naturalistic.

My interests with growth, wandering through perceptions of space and texture inspire my artwork. A playground was set, predominantly interior space, where perspectives became askew, cushioned undulations endemic to tapestries and carpet began to branch out and bloom, textures became pathological, and patterns separate off as curious meanderers ripened in a muck of muted matte color. I generate my own objects which are particular to spaces I have painted and install as environments. I appropriate the use of paper-mâché to generate fabricated objects and to demonstrate further a separation of an object from its environment. Dried out intricately textured flora and plant life make delicate sculptural mounds which extrude an eerie air that lurks from its environment with a worldly malaise. Anxious microcosms began forming their own idiosyncratic wilderness.