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Ekphrasis – Poetry of Seeing 

DreamBox Gallery invites you to join us for CONVERSATION about ART and POETRY with poet and art historian ALEKSANDER NAJDA

Saturday, March 31, from 4pm-6pm

This month we will begin our exploration of the ekphrastic tradition with works by Nobel Prize winners in Literature: Tomas Gösta Tranströmer, Czesław Miłosz and Samuel Beckett. Our afternoon journey will survey the veracity of the Northern Renaissance, the intimacy of the Dutch Baroque and the dynamism of the post WWII avant-garde.

Enjoy a closer look at the pairings of expressions in theater, painting and poetry. The profile of Alberto Giacometti will be at the center of our discussion. Giacometti’s and Beckett’s friendship and their collaboration for Waiting for Godot will provide the stimulus for lively conversation.

—Aleksander Najda 

Aleksander Najdais a poet and art historian. He earned his doctoral degree by writing a breakthrough dissertation, Apocalypse according to Wasyl Kandinsky. His poetry is almost exclusively focused on ekphrasis, providing a unique insight into the inner world of visual arts and music. 

Ekphrasis – Poetry of Seeing is the theme by a group of artists and poets who meet on the last Saturday of each month (from 4pm-6pm) for CONVERSATION with EACH OTHER about ART and POETRY. Everyone attending is welcome to bring their own art and ideas to expand the conversation.Please email any questions to Iwona Biedermann at