Angela Redmond

Angela Redmond is a figurative and portrait artist from Chicago, IL.  Her pieces contain both oil paintings and drawings.  Her work focuses on personal experiences and feelings that may be shared with the viewer.  She uses her personal narrative to honor her race and celebrate all of the human spirit.

Angie is currently working on her series entitled, “Hey Girl! Your One of God’s Best Creations.”  This series is strictly about celebrating all black women from young to old.  Throughout the series, Angie will touch on different features found in black women, such as seductiveness, passion, and courageousness.  These characteristics are not to be stereotypical, but honoring the vast variety of beautiful emotions and power a Black woman possess. The series will also feature oil paintings that honor famous historic black women, such as the Hottentot Venus and Harriet Tubman.

Angie’s past series include, “Crown and Glory”.  This series is a celebration of natural African American hair!  It consists of images of several different natural hair styles with negative words (such as buckwheat and ignorant) embedded within them.  The words are meant to be juxtaposed to the person in a way to say that this person has natural hair, but that does not qualify them as buckwheat or ignorant.  This series is announcing that black hair is beautiful and should be celebrated for its distinctiveness.

Angie’s upcoming series is entitled, “The Virtue of the Human Spirit.”  This series will focus on celebrating all human adventures and positive contributions.

Angie is an artist because this is absolutely her passion and she could not image doing anything else.