Amber Michelle Russell

I am a self-taught artist originally from St. Paul Minnesota and currently based in Wisconsin. Most well-known for creating intense and emotionally captivating works of art. I specialize in mixed-media female portraits that incorporate graphite, ink, and watercolor. Although I had my first art exhibit at Foster Art Gallery on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus at the age of eleven. Most recent exhibits include the 2014 solo exhibition “Blood, Sweat and Tears” at gallery Sev Ven in Los Angeles, California and the 2013 group exhibition “Art for a Cure” at studio 21 Tattoo and Gallery in Salerno, Italy.

I started drawing when I was three years old. Other children played outside; I played in my sketchbook. During adolescence I realized that engaging in the creative process had supported and sustained me through some darker life experiences, and it continues to do so. For me, making art is emotional therapy. I get lost in the creative process and am able to exist in the present moment where I am able to explore and contemplate the darker aspects of life in a constructive way. Artistic influences include M.C. Escher, Francis Bacon, Zdzislaw Beksinki, and the writings of Charles Bukowski.

Art enables me to express what I feel inside, with great attention to detail. In addition to graphite, ink and watercolor, I am exploring coffee as a medium—I find the way that it bleeds into the paper unique and beautiful. Currently, I am incorporating fluorescents into my work and am thoroughly enjoying expanding my creative boundaries by playing with color.