Alex Abajian

My paintings originate from sketches born from my imagination as well as visual cues that I see each day as I am walking or driving in my car. The initial sketch is always altered and often eliminated as the image develops. By building up several layers of oil paint mixed with varying amounts of a glazing medium the painting will gradually begin to take it’s own direction; their is no pre-meditation as to what the finished piece will look like. For me the whole process of painting is about developing and strengthening ones own intuition. Certain films I have seen as well as music I may be listening to at the time indirectly influence my work. They seem to facilitate the direction a painting takes. My work is purposefully narrative and open to individual interpretation; each piece has no specific message nor are they statements. I most enjoy that viewers of my work come to the table with their own bag of personal history and emotional wiring and inadvertantly reveal something about themselves.