Ahavani Mullen

My work participates in the interplay between the seen world and the unseen world. Navigating the hidden and the revealed, it explores how the earth plane and the higher, inner worlds blend with each other and complete each other. I engage in the process of creating art as a spiritual practice, drawing on inner experiences and meditations, capturing that which grows in mental silence.

Because encaustic paint is built up layer upon layer, it is particularly well suited to the atmospheres I wish to evoke. I have found that beeswax has a rich, earthy, organic quality as well as an ethereal transparency and luminosity, which allows me to capture a subtle divine light as it is manifested in the physical, material realm. I often embed earthly materials and other organic matter within the painting, creating visual connections between these earthly planes and the invisible worlds we cannot see with our physical eyes.

Website: www.ahavani.com